ASRS CALLBACK includes excerpts from ASRS incident reports with supporting commentary. In addition, CALLBACK may contain summaries of ASRS research studies and related aviation safety information. CALLBACK is one of the ASRS's most effective tools for improving the quality of human performance in the National Aviation System (NAS) at the grass roots level.

Friday, March 18, 2011


CALLBACK *************************************************************** From NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System

Issue 374

March 2011 ______________________________________________________________

The MisManagement Pageant: Preventable Fuel Management Errors

Safe flight operations involve an ongoing contest between proper procedures and a number of human factors that threaten to undermine them. This month's CALLBACK looks at recent fuel exhaustion and fuel starvation incidents in which human error was the primary cause. The reports also offer a lineup of constructive lessons regarding fuel planning, usage and system operation. If we keep the spotlight on the lessons learned, proper procedures will win the contest.


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