ASRS CALLBACK includes excerpts from ASRS incident reports with supporting commentary. In addition, CALLBACK may contain summaries of ASRS research studies and related aviation safety information. CALLBACK is one of the ASRS's most effective tools for improving the quality of human performance in the National Aviation System (NAS) at the grass roots level.

Friday, April 16, 2010

CALLBACK Issue 364

From NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System

Issue 364

April 2010

Safe Operations at Non-Towered Airports

The key to communicating at an airport without an operating Control Tower is selection of the correct common frequency for airport advisories while operating to or from the airport. CTAF, which stands for Common Traffic Advisory Frequency, is designated for this purpose. Use of the correct CTAF, combined with visual alertness and application of recommended operating practices, will enhance safety of flight during non-Towered operations. This month we focus on ASRS non-Towered airport incidents that emphasize the following themes:

Communication – Monitoring CTAF and use of the radio to report position and intentions.

Traffic Mix – Being aware that straight-in IFR traffic to a non-Towered field may conflict with patterns for VFR traffic, especially in reduced visibility conditions (broken or overcast ceilings, haze, etc.).

Avoidance – Practicing see-and-avoid procedures and visually checking the final approach course before takeoff or landing.

Frequency – Use of the correct CTAF and current charts and flight information.


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