ASRS CALLBACK includes excerpts from ASRS incident reports with supporting commentary. In addition, CALLBACK may contain summaries of ASRS research studies and related aviation safety information. CALLBACK is one of the ASRS's most effective tools for improving the quality of human performance in the National Aviation System (NAS) at the grass roots level.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CALLBACK Issue 344

From NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System
Issue 344
August 2008

Short Takes from ASRS

To make a long story short: a review of ASRS database reports reveals that the word "short" is a staple of many aviation incident narratives ("short" appears in more than 17,000 ASRS narratives). Just as the film world has its "short takes""(brief but memorable movie moments), ASRS reporters frequently employ the word "short" to describe a variety of situations, from operational restrictions to time-critical decision-making.

Pilots describe short takeoffs or landings, short approaches, short finals, hold-short incidents, cockpit short-cuts, short announcements, and landings short of destination. Aircraft technology reportedly has its shortcomings – especially when it short-circuits. And then there are commentaries from air carrier pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, and air traffic controllers about short layovers, short rest, short breaks, short staffing, and short-sighted management policies.

This month we offer a sampling of "short takes" submitted to the ASRS.


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